Is A Winnebago Revel Camper Van The Right Choice For You? This Guide Will Help You Make A Decision.

Here's a quick summary of the key specs, features and functions of the Winnebago Revel 4x4 camper van, plus what uses this camper van is best for.

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You’ve probably heard of Winnebago – they’re one of the biggest names in the RV world. And, if you’re shopping for a turnkey camper van conversion, the Winnebago Revel has undoubtedly popped up in your search, probably more than once.

But what is so special about this camper van, what features differentiate it from other options, is it really worth that roughly $250,000 price tag (yes, you read that right) and ultimately, is it the best choice for you if you’re trying to decide what camper van to buy?

By the end of this post we’ll have answered those questions and helped you narrow down your camper van search to either have the Revel as a top choice, or rule it out as an option for you.

Winnebago Revel Exterior
Image courtesy of Winnebago

It uses the much sought-after 4 Wheel Drive Sprinter Van chassis

The Winnebago Revel has made a name for itself in the world of camper vans – it’s very well known among camper van buyers who are shopping at the higher price point and want a van that can do everything, including drive pretty much anywhere by virtue of the underlying Mercedes Sprinter 4×4 van chassis, which is the ‘short wheelbase’ sprinter van, aka the 144 WB.

–> For more context on what ‘144 WB’ means, our guide to the different types of Sprinter van will help you out <–

While targeted at those who cherish off-grid adventures and rugged landscapes, the Revel is also popular among converts from RVs, and older solo adventurers and couples who have the funds and like the turnkey aspect and reliability of buying a vehicle that’s been converted by Winnebago based off a standard spec sheet with options to add extras.

Winnebago Revel Interior
Image courtesy of Winnebago

It seats 4 and sleeps 2

The ability to seat 4 is certainly useful for transporting passengers, and means you can travel as a four or have friends over at your campsite for drinks, even when the weather outside sucks.

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However, for camping, those extra two people will need their own tent, because unlike the Westfalia Wave, which has convertible seating that makes an extra double bed, the Revel camper van only sleeps 2.

This is one of several reasons why Winnebago Revels appeal perhaps the most to either solo or couple travelers, rather than families, and perhaps older customers who like the brand name and familiarity that comes with owning a Winnebago creation, and really want that 4×4 capability despite the high price tag.

It’s worth noting that Winnebago offers a variety of other camper vans that are better suited to families and the more budget conscious, so the Revel isn’t their only offering here.

Winnebago Revel Layout Plan 44E
Image courtesy of Winnebago

It’s fully loaded, with a full wet bathroom to boot

You certainly won’t be longing for features if you get one of these. Pretty much everything you can think of is either included in the base spec, and in many cases can be upgraded or added to with the list of options.

In particular, if a full bathroom is on your must-have list, rather than a simple composting or porta-a-potty toilet setup, then the Revel is going to appeal to you – although it’s worth reconsidering whether you actually don’t need a shower in your campervan after all – that revelation may save you a few thousand dollars on your camper van purchase!

Winnebago Revel Interior Bed
Image courtesy of Winnebago

The bed lifts up hydraulically

The highly popular platform bed layout (it’s one of the most popular camper van bed layouts) has been taken a step further in the Revel, with the addition of a motorized bed platform height adjustment.

This means you can customize your bed height and garage storage space below – handy for transporting bulky gear, and using your van without sleeping in it, with the bed tucked up high towards the ceiling.

The interior is not as attractive as other camper van options (at least, in our opinion)

The earlier Revels looked to us more like small RVs than camper vans, with beige, cream and faux wood laminate accents.

As of the 2024 edition they are much better looking, with a little more style than prior years, which will appeal to a lot of people although still perhaps not for you if you’re looking for something either more rugged, or more – well – trendy campervan-y.

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How much does a Winnebago Camper Van cost?

If you’re shopping new, you’re looking at a starting price of around $245,000 – and that’s before you add on the extras you’ll probably want, like a cool roof rack, for example.

Still, the Revel has been around several years now, so there’s also the option of picking up a pre-owned one – they regularly pop up on websites such as RV Trader, and given they’re based on the classic rugged 4WD Sprinter van, you have the potential to pick up an excellent vehicle at a more affordable price point.


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