Is A Westfalia Wave Camper Van The Right Choice For You? This Guide Will Help You Make A Decision.

If you're looking for a turnkey family-friendly camper van, this adventure-ready Westfalia van could be one to consider.

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In 2024 Westfalia launched a new camper van in North America. Here’s a quick look at the specs, plus our take on what kind of person and camping style it’s best suited to, and whether this turnkey camper van option is a good deal.

The Westfalia Wave is a turnkey camper van package based on a RAM van body that’s genuinely packed with unique features and modern conveniences.

It’s targeted at camper van buyers and adventure-seekers – specific mention is made of paddle boards and mountain bikes, for example, so this isn’t your run-of-the mill camping van. Here are the key features that stand out to us.

Westfalia Wave Camper Van 2024
Image courtesy of Westfalia Americas

It seats 4 people

With two front seats and a pair behind the driver, this camper van can comfortably seat four people.

Indeed, it definitely seems to be targeted at not just solo travelers and couples but also families – that second row of seats has child car-seat fixtures and converts to a bed that will sleep two.

Westfalia Wave Camper Van Floor Plan Layout
Image courtesy of Westfalia Americas

It sleeps 4 (or with the pop-top roof, 6)

The base model will sleep 4 – two in the back, two in the convertible seat mentioned above.

What about the other two people, I hear you ask? Well, if you plump for the pop-top roof upgrade, you can add another double bed up there.

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So, while you can’t transport six people, you can sleep that many – which will undoubtedly be a squeeze in a 159 inch wheelbase van (that’s less than 20ft long) but perhaps gives you an alternative to converting that twin seat into a bed.

Westfalia Wave Camper Van Interior Bed Layout
Image courtesy of Westfalia Americas

It has all the other campervan features most people will want

The Wave also boasts a comprehensive set of other features you’d expect to find on a much larger RV, including a Truma Combi furnace/water heater system, a cassette toilet, a propane cooktop, and more.

The Wave doesn’t skimp on tech either – boasting 600-amp-hours of lithium batteries and a 3,000-watt inverter, powered and controlled by a Firefly tablet-style multiplex system.

For context, a 3000W inverter will comfortably power even the more demanding appliances, including hairdryers and induction cooktops (just not at the same time!) – it would be quite unusual to find a camper van like this with much more battery or inverter capability.

Westfalia Wave Camper Van Interior Garage Bike Storage
Image courtesy of Westfalia Americas

It’s not 4-wheel drive

A lot of potential camper van buyers get hung up on wanting a four-wheel drive version. When you first start researching camper vans, it can truly seem like having a 4WD is very important.

Westfalia Wave Camper Van

But in reality, unless you’re planning on spending a lot of time in the snow, or on very rugged off-road trails, you don’t really need it, most vans are very capable and unless you enjoy heading to remote places and spending a lot of time in the National Forests or public lands such as BLM territory, the chances are you won’t be driving on roads that get much more gnarly than gravel 😉

How much does the Westfalia Wave camper van cost?

The base model of the Westfalia Wave starts at $155,333. This seems a great deal to us for a brand new campervan that’s so loaded with features.

To put the price into context, compare that, for example, to a 4WD Winnebago Revel, which starts at $90k more ($245,463 as at the time of writing), or a fully-loaded custom conversion by a company such as Outside Van, that can easily run you $200k for all the bells and whistles.

If you don’t plan on doing any wild off-road travel, and your style is more camping, beaches and less intense adventuring, the Wave could be right up your street!

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Download the brochure from Westfalia’s website for all the details and why not share this post with your fellow adventure enthusiasts?


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