The Best Van Roof Racks For Your Sprinter Campervan

Whether you want one for a platform, solar panels or luggage, check out these functional and good-looking roof racks for your Sprinter camper van.

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These are some of the best van roof racks if you’re looking to put one on top of your Sprinter campervan.

Whether you want a roof rack for your van to transport luggage, install roof-mounted solar panels, add lighting or create a roof top platform deck for hanging out on, all of the aluminum options in this list have their pros and cons, and – may we add – look freakin’ cool, too.

While all of the vehicles featured in this post are Sprinter camper vans showing off the racks that are designed to fit Sprinters, many of these companies also offer versions of these racks that will fit other brands of van, including Ford Transit and Ram Promaster vans.

In addition to offering roof racks, it’s also definitely worth checking out their other products and components, as all these companies offer a range of gear to help you kit out your Sprinter van conversion.

Flatline Van Company Sprinter Van Roof Rack - Image Courtesy of Flatline Van Co
Image courtesy of Flatline Van Co

Flatline Van Co Sprinter Low Pro

This minimalist rack from Flatline Van Co is a quick, easy and cost-effective way to get storage and usable space on your van’s rooftop.

It comes with all required hardware and easily slides onto your van’s factory roof rails. It doesn’t come with a deck, which saves on weight and gives you the option of creating or adding one at a later date.

From $1,495.

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Roambuilt Sprinter Van Roof Rack
Image courtesy of Roambuilt

Roambuilt Safari Roof Rack (the ‘Safarirack’)

Specializing in high-end aluminum add-ons for Mercedes Sprinter vans, Roambuilt offers a range of roof rack styles to choose from.

For true minimalism when all you want is a deck and not much else, the ‘Deckrack’ is a great choice and looks very low profile.

Otherwise, for more storage and to accommodate a light bar, we’re loving the Safarirack 2.0 and Flatrack.

From $4,900.

Aluminess van roof rack on Sprinter van best van roof racks
Image courtesy of Aluminess

Aluminess Van Roof Racks – Double Loop or Touring

Aluminum van outfitting specialist Aluminess offers a range of roof racks for low and high roof Sprinters in all lengths.

You can choose from the popular double loop style, which is great for strapping gear to, or go for one of their touring style roof racks, which also have a drop-down front designed to easily accommodate a set of lights or a light bar.

For the platform, which is included in the price, you can choose between perforated aluminum panels or 3-inch slats, depending on your planned use and preference.

From $3,250 for double loop, $3,750 for the touring style.

Freedomvango adjustable Sprinter roof rack

FreedomVanGo Adjustable Van Roof Racks

This FreedomVanGo option is one good-looking, customizable rack. It comes with cross-bars and pre-drilled holes for easily strapping your stuff to the rack.

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FreedomVanGo can also provide flooring panels, if needed to allow you to sit or stand on top of your van’s roof.

From $3,198.

Aluminess Sprinter Van Roof Rack Modular Rack
Image courtesy of Aluminess

Aluminess Modular Roof Rack

For a more minimal and cost-effective Aluminess roof rack option, also consider their modular rack.

This rack includes several aluminum panels and the option of a cut out panel that fits around the main standard roof fan / vent locations, and will even work with the 144WB’s standard AC roof-mounted unit.

As it’s modular and not custom-built for a specific van, this is a good choice if you’re looking to get hold of a roof rack quickly and install it yourself (or get it installed) closer to home as part of your van conversion process.

From $2,995 and ships free.

Backwoods Adventure Mods DRIFTR Rack for Sprinter Van
Image courtesy of Backwoods Adventure Mods

Backwoods Adventure Mods DRIFTR

The Backwoods DRIFTR roof rack for high roof Sprinter vans is an aluminum, modular construction, with between six and ten cross-bars for you to mount your choice of deck, solar panels or equipment on your van’s roof.

It looks particularly smart when paired with a 50-inch single-row light bar, as pictured.

From $1,775.

Stoked Adventure Outfitters Kona Best Van Roof Racks
Image courtesy of Stoked Adventure Outfitters

Stoked Adventure Outfitters

Canada-based Stoked Adventure Outfitters offer a range of van roof racks for your Sprinter, plus they can also fabricate a custom rack for you if you have a more unusual requirement.

Their slimline Kona rack is a sleek choice if you want to flush-mount two solar panels at the front and back of the van to charge and power your Sprinter camper van‘s electrics.

For a more traditional style rack with two rails, also check out their Moab rack design, which will enable you to attach an awning.

From CAD $ 4,400.

Why it’s important to have Sprinter roof rails

Van roof racks are normally installed using supplied bolts that attach them to the vehicle’s roof rails (also known as ‘tracks’). For most roof racks, you don’t need to do any drilling to install them… assuming you have the roof rails 🙂

Most vans will have roof rails factory-installed, and this is definitely an extra you should ensure your van comes with if you’re ordering a new van (as well as if you’re considering buying one pre-owned) so that it’s set up ready to receive a roof rack when you come to do your conversion or have it converted.

If your van doesn’t have roof rails, it’s not the end of the world. You can typically find aftermarket versions costing in the region of $300, and some of the companies listed above will also supply them to you or install them together with the rack itself.

As well as ensuring you have the roof rails to install the rack on to, be sure to check directly with the company to ensure their roof rack will fit your van’s make, model, year and roof height, as well as work around any vents or other roof-mounted installations your van may have such as satellite or air conditioning units.

For more van mods including tons of Sprinter vans with roof racks, check out the variety of awesome campervans featured on our Instagram.



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