The Best Van Conversion Companies to Build Your Custom Camper Van

This is our ever-evolving list of the best camper van conversion companies in the world, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and various countries in Europe.

All opinions are our own and never influenced by brands. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Here’s our process.

Welcome to our ever-evolving list of the best camper van conversion companies in the world, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and various countries in Europe.

If you are interested in getting a Sprinter camper van conversion then unless you intend to do the entire van conversion yourself, then you will probably want to find the best van conversion company you can find, who can help you realize your dream of full time van life or simply a sweet campervan for vacations.

But, you may be wondering, how do you find the best professional van conversion company for your needs?

It’s not always easy to track down someone with the skills, experience and reputation to help you – and there are other things to consider when you are choosing a conversion company to build your Mercedes Sprinter campervan out of a basic cargo van.

To help you in your search, we have put this list together to connect prospective van conversion customers with some of the best conversion companies you can find.

Many of these companies specialize in Mercedes Sprinter van conversions, but equally, many can also convert your cargo or passenger van into a camper van regardless of the van manufacturer – for example, Ford Transit vans, Volkswagen Crafter vans and RAM/Dodge/Renault vans are also popular choices.

In some countries, a popular choice is to convert smaller vans such as Volkswagen T5/T6.

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However, generally, for van life people tend to focus on converting larger panel/cargo/passenger vans such as Mercedes Sprinter, Ford Transit, Ram Promaster and other large cargo vans into camper vans, because these larger vehicles can accommodate a permanent bed, more storage, galley kitchen, a bathroom and more.

Leave a comment with your company if you feel you deserve to be on this list and we’ll look you up!

Things to consider when selecting from the best van conversion companies for your van build

Before you go ahead and book in with one of the first companies you can find, it’s worth taking some time to consider what is important to you and what you need from a conversion company, to ensure you are working with the best one for you!

Here are some considerations to bear in mind:

Quality (and cost) of components used

Do you want the best and newest-spec components, or are you on a tighter budget? What are your must-have, camper van build essentials?

How many bells-and-whistles do you want on your custom van conversion – are you wanting off-road capability with extra light bars, upgraded suspension and full-off-grid van life amenities, or do you want something stealthy and basic that you use for a couple of days at a time

This will significantly influence your eventual Sprinter van conversion cost, so thinking about what you want the end result to look like and do is really important.

Whether you need the van conversion company to supply you with a van, or help you find a Sprinter van yourself

Many people contact us asking how they can get hold of a Sprinter van to convert into a Sprinter campervan.

The easiest way to do this, especially if you want a second-hand van, is to buy it from a dealer or privately.

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However, some of the larger camper van conversion companies can sell you the conversion including a brand new Mercedes Sprinter van, or connect you with a suitable dealership who can supply you with the new van that they can then convert for you.

Smaller van builders tend to be more focused on offering custom van conversions done starting with your own van (that is, by the time they start, you will have already found and bought one suitable) – they are generally experts in van conversions, not van dealers.

The companies’ locations relative to where you live

While you don’t need to live near your chosen camper van conversion company, it may be helpful to be nearby (or as close as possible) especially if they are doing very custom conversions – that way, you can visit them when needed to look at and discuss key aspects of the build in person.

Whether you are looking to find a company who will help you with some, but not all of your camper van conversion (aka a part-conversion)

Not all companies will do ‘part-conversions’ – especially the larger companies which have more scheduled workflows and pipelines for all the blueprinted or fully custom camper van conversions they have to deliver.

For camper van part-conversions, it may be better to speak to a smaller, local company that may be more willing to partner with you to help on those aspects of your build, without doing the whole conversion.

Availability of the van conversion company’s build slots

How long before they can start (and finish) your Mercedes Sprinter van conversion – don’t be surprised if your chosen company cannot actually start on your build for 3-6 months!

Like other good tradespeople, they can book up very far in advance.

I know – you just want to get it done, TODAY!

But at least this way you have time to ensure you have a van and you have more time, if needed, to save up for the conversion cost.

Whether you are looking for someone to help you with some, but not all of your van conversion (aka a part-conversion)

A smaller boutique company may be more flexible and willing to help you with part of your van build, whereas larger companies tend to prefer to do the whole custom van conversion themselves.


One of the most common questions we get asked is how much does a Sprinter van conversion cost (hint – it’s not always cheap, although it’s generally what you make it).

It’s similar for the conversion of other custom vans, such as Ford Transit vans (after all, the labor and parts are the same regardless of your choice of van) but Ford Transit vans do have a lower market value than Mercedes Sprinter vans in general.

So, going back to the first point in this list, you may need to consider compromising on some aspects of your van conversion, if you are not able to finance the full wish-list of things you want done to produce your dream Sprinter camper van.

Do you want to work with a larger ‘brand-name’ conversion company or would you prefer to work with a more boutique, camper van conversion company?

No one company is the ‘best’, but different companies have different styles of conversion and design, from the shabby-chic tiny home on wheels, to the ultra-utility rugged machine.

The sections below list the best van conversion companies by region.

This list is ever-growing as more great van conversion companies pop up as the trend of van life and demand for Sprinter campervans is growing increasingly every year!

USA Van Conversion Companies

1. Exclusive Outfitters | @exclusive_outfitters

Based in Southern California, Exclusive Outfitters is passionate about their camper vans / rigs. With every van they customize, their aim is to set into motion the spirit of adventure and discovery.

Their company is inspired by you, the client, and by what you need in your real-life venture.

Whether you are looking for just the essentials in a conversion or are in search of a truly custom unit that suits your unique requirements, Exclusive Outfitters will design a buildout that is meticulously crafted, keenly designed and performs the way that you intend it to.

Exclusive Outfitters is one of our favorite campervan conversion companies.

2. Storyteller Overland | @storytelleroverland

Storyteller Overland is based in Alabama and is one of our favorite camper van conversion companies for sure! Everything about this van conversion company and their van builds are exceptional!

No matter how epic your adventures, you and your crew can travel in comfort and with peace of mind knowing that the onboard systems of every Storyteller Overland vehicle were carefully designed and tested to meet and exceed all relevant FMVSS, DOT, and NHTSA safety regulations. Every MODE 4×4 also complies with the rigorous RVIA certification process and related OEM bodybuilder standards.

Enjoy the ease of thoughtful, streamlined, intuitive design that allows you to effortlessly shift into whatever MODE of adventure you choose with the fewest hassles possible.

At its heart, the Storyteller Overland MODE 4×4 and their other van conversion packages are expertly crafted to provide you and your crew with endless hours of fun, and many years of pure enjoyment out on the open road… and beyond.

Whether you are road-tripping across the country with your family, camping off-grid with your crew, flying solo for a quick “urban adventure,” or just on a grocery store run…the MODE 4×4 is your ideal getaway vehicle to cover all aspects of a life that’s being lived to the fullest.

3. Sync Vans

Based in Idaho, Sync Vans build semi-custom Sprinter camper van conversions that are as functional as they are beautiful.

Their van conversions are designed and built by people who love the outdoors, live in the outdoors, and know what’s really needed when going there.

Their Mercedes Sprinter camper vans bring together the best in comfort, recreation, and utility. Explore their popular floor plans to start building your dream van via the link below.

4. Cascade Van

Based in Bend Oregon, Cascade Van’s goal is to bring you experiences by providing premium crafted mobile abodes that allow you to go further, explore more and live fuller.

Cascade Van wants to share the love for adventure and the outdoors and provide a beautiful, comfortable mobile abode that you can call home anywhere you roam!

Whether your day takes you paddling class IV’s or sending 5.12’s, or crushing 2 miles of trail, their mission is to provide you a home base where you can rest those adventure-soaked bones in comfort every evening you get off the trail… and of course do it in style!

With over a decade of experience in the trades (from full home remodels to off-grid solar installs), Bryan, their master builder, sculpts each van with care and precision, bringing their designer, Alexa’s, visions to life.

Every detail is meticulously researched, drafted, and hand-crafted from the floors to the finishes… With Cascade Van, you know you’re going to get a beautiful camper van conversion!

5. Freedom Vans | @freedomvans

Based in Washington, Freedom Vans was founded on the freedom of the off-grid lifestyle; and they are here to enable this lifestyle for their clients.

They wish to give people the foundation for their adventures; an off-grid home (permanent or secondary) that will allow them to comfortably relax after a day of skiing, a big bike ride, a challenging climb, or a stroll down the beach.

A place to enjoy a snack or a nap in between. Whatever the adventure, they want to build the van for you.

They are a small business that works closely with its clients to bring their dreams to life.

Solar power systems are their specialty, specifically tailored to their client’s needs. Attention to detail and quality are the most important factors to Freedom Vans in a project, as you can see in their project gallery.

If you are looking for a custom and personal experience, get in touch with this camper van conversion company!

6. Esplori Vans 

Based in Bend, Oregon, Esplori’s promise is to inspire adventurous travel and new experiences for those who love being outdoors with family and friends.

They offer comfortable camping with a lighter footprint for everyday adventure so you can easily pack it up, move it out, and hit the road.

Esplori also sells their own custom build interior packages and does excellent work on exterior mods like roof racks, ladders, rear storage, lighting and more.

7. Outside Van | @outsidevan

Based in Portland, Oregon Outside Van’s goal is to bring people closer to nature by creating purpose-built vehicles that enable a life of freedom, joy, and connection.

For over 30 years, the founder of Outside Van built custom vans that facilitated his adventurous lifestyle. Whether it was surfing, snowboarding, or biking, the vans were specifically designed to meet his personal needs.

Outside Van was officially established in 2007, and has now evolved into a very successful business that was acquired in 2021 by Fox Factory, helping elevate the brand into a leader in the custom van conversion industry.

Outside Van is one of the larger camper van conversion companies – with a focus on quality and customer service, they are able to produce over 100 custom van conversions per year – many of which are based on the Mercedes Sprinter.

Each one of the custom conversions they put onto the road is hand-built to meet their customers’ needs.

8. Momentum Vans

9. American Van Works | @americanvanworks

10. Colorado Camper Van | @Colorado.Campervan

11. Overland Van Project

12. Sportsmobile | #Sportsmobile

Canada Van Conversion Companies

1. Nomad Vanz

United Kingdom Van Conversion Companies

1. Vanlife Builds | @vanlifebuilds

Based in the South West UK, Vanlife Builds designs and transforms regular panel vans into premium quality, bespoke tiny homes, and campers for people to turn van life dreams into ultimate VAN LIFE!

They specialize in creating exclusive ONE-OFF designs that are uniquely built around their clients’ individuality!

Van Life Builds is not just about building out vans, for them, it is a way of life. They celebrate the freedom and opportunity it creates for businesses, individuals, couples or families!

2. Eyes Open Vanlife Workshop (Daryl Lloyd Witt) | @eyesopen_vanlife_workshop

Based in the UK Eyes Open Vanlife Workshop creates some of the most beautiful hand crafted camper van conversions for off-grid vanlife adventures. They also make thermal magnetic campervan window covers too if you’re in need of them for your camper van.

3. Vanlife Conversions UK | @vanlifeconversionsuk

Are you a van builder or camper van conversion company in the UK? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.


Are you a van builder or conversion company in Europe? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.


Are you a van builder or conversion company in Australia? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

New Zealand

Are you a van builder or conversion company in NZ? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.


  1. If you are looking for rv conversion companies in Australia I own and run Aurora RV Conversion in Melbourne. Turning any van into a campervan.
    If I can help you out with any content please feel free to contact me.

  2. Don’t forget Sovereign Road Customs in Houston, TX. This is our third year of professional operation, with over a decade of practical experience. We specialize in solar and electrical in partial builds all the way to full high end build outs. Off grid air conditioning solutions, aluminum framing options, custom roof racks, and overlanding builds are also squarely in our wheelhouse.

  3. Method Vans Inc. is located in Red Deer County, AB, Canada. Although new to upfitting, exceptional quality and customer service is our mission. We’d love to be included in your listing.

  4. Oh shoot, we are one of the OG’s of this van building business. We would love to join in the fun.
    Byron Beck, owner of Campovans in Santa Barbara California check us out on #campovans Instagram
    Cheers y’all, we are better together


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