The Best Van Conversion Companies who can convert your Sprinter Van into a Campervan

Welcome to our ever-evolving list of the best van conversion companies in the world, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and various countries in Europe. If you are interested in getting a Sprinter campervan conversion then unless you intend to do the entire van conversion yourself, then you will probably want to find the best van conversion company you can find, who can help you realize your dream of vanlife or simply a sweet campervan for vacations.

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But, you may be wondering, how do you find the best van conversion company for your needs? It’s not always easy to track down someone with the skills, experience and reputation to help you – and there are other things to consider when you are choosing a conversion company to build your Sprinter campervan out of a basic cargo van. To help you in your search, we have put this list together to connect prospective van conversion customers with some of the best conversion companies you can find.


Many of the best van conversion companies specialize in Mercedes / Dodge / Freightliner Sprinter van conversions, but equally, many can also convert your cargo or passenger van regardless of the van manufacturer – for example, Ford Transit vans, Volkswagen Crafter vans and RAM/Dodge/Renault vans are also popular choices. In some countries a popular choice is to convert smaller vans such as Volkswagen T5/T6, however generally for vanlife people tend to focus on converting larger panel/cargo/passenger vans that can accommodate a permanent bed, more storage, galley kitchen, a bathroom and more, and this type of conversion is our main interest here at Sprintercampervans.

Things to consider when selecting from the best van conversion companies for your van build

Before you go ahead and book in with one of the first van conversion companies you can find, it’s worth taking some time to consider what is important to you and what you need from a conversion company, to ensure you are working with the best one for you! Here are some considerations to bear in mind:

  • Quality (and cost) of components used – do you want the best and newest-spec components, or are you on a tighter budget? What are your must-have, camper van build essentials? How many bells-and-whistles do you want on your van conversion – are you wanting off-road capability with extra light bars, upgraded suspension and full-off-grid living amenities, or do you want something stealthy and basic that you use for a couple of days at a time? This will significantly influence your eventual Sprinter van conversion cost, so thinking about what you want the end result to look like and do is really important.
  • Whether you need the van conversion company to supply you with a van, or help you find a Sprinter van yourself – many people contact us asking how they can get hold of a Sprinter van to convert into a Sprinter campervan. The easiest way to do this, especially if you want a second-hand van, is to buy it from a dealer or privately. However, some of the larger van conversion companies can sell you the conversion including a brand new Sprinter van, or connect you with a suitable dealership who can supply you with the new van that they can then convert for you. Smaller van conversions tend to be more focused on converting a van you bring to them – they are generally conversion experts, not van dealers.
  • The van conversion companies locations relative to where you live – while you don’t need to live near your chosen van conversion company, it may be helpful to be nearby (or as close as possible) especially if they are doing a very customized conversion for you – that way, you can visit them when needed to look at and discuss key aspects of the build in person.
  • Whether you are looking to find van conversion companies who will help you with some, but not all of your van conversion (aka a part-conversion) – not all companies will do ‘part-conversions’ – especially the larger companies which have more scheduled workflows and pipelines for all the conversions they have to deliver. For part-conversions, it may be better to speak to a smaller, local van conversion company that may be more willing to partner with you to help on those aspects of your build, without doing the whole conversion.
  • Availability of the van conversion company’s build slots – how long before they can start (and finish) your Sprinter van conversion – don’t be surprised if your chosen van conversion company cannot actually start on your van conversion for 3-6 months! Like other good tradespeople, they can book up very far in advance. I know – you just want to get it done, TODAY! But at least this way you have time to ensure you have a van and you have more time, if needed, to save up for the conversion cost.
  • Whether you are looking for someone to help you with some, but not all of your van conversion (aka a part-conversion)– A smaller boutique van conversion company may be more flexible and willing to help you with part of your van conversion, whereas larger conversion companies tend to prefer to do the whole conversion themselves.
  • Pricing – one of the most common questions we get asked is how much does a Sprinter van conversion cost (hint – it’s not cheap). So, going back to the first point in this list, you may need to consider compromising on some aspects of your van conversion, if you are not able to finance the full wish-list of things you want done to produce your dream Sprinter campervan.
  • Do you want to work with a larger ‘brand-name’ conversion company or would you prefer to work with a more boutique, craft van conversion company? No one company is the ‘best’, but different companies have different styles of conversion and design, from the shabby-chic tiny home on wheels, to the ultra-utility rugged machine.

The sections below list out the best van conversion companies by region. This list is ever-growing as more great van conversion companies pop up as the trend of vanlife and demand for Sprinter campervans is growing increasingly every year!

Are you a van builder or van conversion company? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

Van conversion companies in the USA

Van conversion companies in Canada

Van conversion companies in the United Kingdom

Are you a van builder or van conversion company in the UK? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

Van conversion companies in Europe

Are you a van builder or van conversion company in Europe? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

Van conversion companies in Australia

Are you a van builder or van conversion company in Australia? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

Van conversion companies in New Zealand

Are you a van builder or van conversion company in NZ? Get in contact and we can discuss getting you featured on our list.

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