The Best Coolers for Camping

Keep your snacks, meals and drinks chilled while you're camping or on the road with these highly insulated hard coolers.

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Hey fellow adventurers! We’ve scouted out the best coolers for camping escapades, plus those epic day adventures, road trips, and beach hangouts.

Whether you’re rolling in a camper van, setting up tents, or just love to keep your snacks and drinks chilled while exploring, we’ve got a cooler in our roundup that’s just right for you.

YETI Tundra 45 best cooler for camping

YETI Tundra 45 Cooler ($325)

  • Capacity: 28 cans
  • Weight: 24.6lb
  • External dimensions: 25.75 x 16.125 x 15.4 inches
  • Other sizes available: yes (65 Qt is also a popular size)

Quite simply, if you want the best insulation on the market, a well-known brand and a well-constructed, robust and good-looking hard-sided ice cooler, the YETI Tundra coolers are a top choice.

RTIC best hard coolers for camping

RTIC 45 QT Cooler ($220)

  • Capacity: 36 cans
  • Weight: 26.6lb
  • External dimensions: 26.5 x 16.5 x 15.9 inches
  • Other sizes available: Yes (20, 65, 110, 145 and a lightweight 52 option)

The RTIC 45 QT is a great cooler and similar in construction, size and style to the YETI Tundra 45, but around $100 less expensive, with different color options like the cool turquoise one pictured, and can only be bought directly from RTIC’s website.

Orca coolers best hard cooler for tailgating and beach

Orca 40 Qt Cooler ($320)

  • Capacity: Up to 48 cans
  • Weight: 30lb
  • External dimensions: 26.25 W x 18.2 D x 17.6 H
  • Other sizes available: Yes (20, 26, 58, 75 and 140 Qt models)

Orca Coolers stands out as a top-notch rotomolded cooler brand, proudly made in the USA, crafted for extreme durability and to keep your items chilled for days on end, with ergonomic handles for a comfortable hold, alongside a water-tight seal on the lid.

Plus, with color choices like bright pink, lime green, and orange, you’ll never misplace your cooler or your brews again!

Yeti Tundra Haul Best Wheeled Cooler For Camping

YETI Tundra Haul Wheeled Cooler ($450)

  • Capacity: 45 cans of beer (using 2:1 ice:can ratio)
  • Weight: 37.5lb
  • External dimensions: 19.6 H x 18.6 W x 28.1 L
  • Other sizes available: Also check out the wheeled YETI Roadie cooler

You really can’t go wrong with a YETI cooler, and if you’re already a fan and prefer the sleek look of the Tundra Haul wheeled version then it’s a solid choice for when you don’t just want to lug your cooler about when there’s the option to wheel it!

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ROVR Rollr 45 Best wheeled cooler for camping

ROVR RollR 45 Wheeled Cooler ($429)

  • Capacity: 60 cans with 10lb of ice
  • Weight: 39lb
  • External dimensions: 19.3 H x 18.9 W x 22.5 D inches
  • Other sizes available: 60, 85 and 85

The ROVR RollR has 9-inch, puncture-resistant tires which make it one of the best choices for wheeling over all terrain, even sand, plus it comes with thoughtful accessories such as a ‘wagon bin’, cup holders and a prep board (ideal for slicing limes or making tapas). You can also pick one up without the accessories, for around $350.


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