Why You Don’t Need a Shower in Your Campervan Conversion

There are many reasons to have a shower in your campervan, but what if you actually don't need a van shower in your Sprinter? Here are the pros and cons.

Essential Vanlife Gear: 12 Gadgets For An Awesome Campervan Road Trip

The 12 essential gadgets you need as part of your vanlife gear arsenal - for an awesome campervan road trip.

12 Must-Have Tools for a DIY Van Conversion

What are the must-have tools for a DIY van conversion? For everything from campervan electrics to cabinets, these tools are essential for a successful build.

Which Sprinter Van Is Best For Conversion?

All you need to know to work out which Sprinter van is best for conversion - including which model, length and height, as well as new vs used, RWD or 4x4.

How To Find Out What VanLife Is Really Like – Before Committing

Buying and converting a campervan is a big commitment, so how do you find out what VanLife is really like before you jump

How Much Does A Sprinter Van Conversion Cost? And Other Sprinter Van Conversion Questions

One of the most common questions people ask us is how much does a Sprinter van conversion cost? Here's what you need to consider when budgeting for your build.

The Best Van Conversion Companies who can convert your Sprinter Van into a Campervan

A frequently-updated list of the best van conversion companies in the world, including the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Europe.
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